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Successful for over 60 years...

Milestones of LÄGLER® since the company was founded in 1956 until today: from the small workshop in the former parents' house to the worldwide known and present company which is still family-run.

The early years of Eugen Lägler


Eugen Lägler is born in Frauenzimmer, Germany on May 5th.

1940 bis 1943
He does an apprenticeship as a machine fitter at the Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (RAW) in Esslingen, Germany.

1943 bis 1946
After completing his apprenticeship, Eugen Lägler wants to obtain the technical high school diploma, but is drafted into the infantry and returns from war imprisonment in Italy in 1946.

1947 bis 1949
Work as a blacksmith in Feuerbach, Germany.

1949 bis 1952
Construction of floor sanding machines, in cooperation with a friend from the neighbourhood.

1952 bis 1956
Turret lathe operator at the Eberhard company in Nordheim, Germany.

Conversion of the former parental home into a workshop.




The Company Eugen Lägler


Foundation of the company Eugen Lägler as a one-man business.

The company starts with a lathe and contract work

The first employee, Erich Seyb, is hired.

Eugen Lägler marries Gerda Buyer, who is actively involved in building up the company.

1957 bis 1960
In addition to the many contract works that are done in the small company, Eugen Lägler develops the first prototype of his own floor sanding machine.

Production start of the floor sanding machine Tornado, which Eugen Lägler builds under license.

Construction and occupation of the new production hall.

Sale of the first own floor sanding machines under the name "ELF" (Eugen Lägler Frauenzimmern)

The drum sanding machine RASANT is developed and built especially for the Austrian market.

The first five HUMMELs, the first belt sanding machine ever for wooden floors, are manufactured. Eugen Lägler thus lays the cornerstone for the worldwide success of the brand.

The expansion abroad begins.

The RANDMEISTER, the powerful machine for the edge area, is launched on the market.

Foundation of the Eugen Lägler GmbH

The ELAN edge and stair sanding machine, which was developed as a lighter alternative to the RANDMEISTER, is ready for delivery.

The centrifugal system developed by Eugen Lägler is implemented for the first time in the ELF and PROFIT drum sanding machines.

Lägler surprises the market with the three-disc sanding machine TRIO, which sets the standard for almost dust-free sanding of the highest quality until today.

Publication of the Lägler® sanding manual. The first sanding guide in the world.

Eugen Lägler hands over the company management to the next generation.

Start of direct sales in Germany and Austria.

Development and market launch of the FLIP® edge and corner sanding machine.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the main building.

Production start of the single disc sanding machine SINGLE.

With the company expansion, a new building complex with 6,000 m² in Frauenzimmern, Germany, the course for the future is set.

The new training center, including a 65 m² sanding arena, is complete. One-day seminars in theory and practice for beginners and professionals are now offered.

The Eugen Lägler company celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Introduction of the innovative training and treatment concept Premium-Sanding-Technology PST®.

The first Fly & Sand with 10 craftsmen from the USA takes place in the factory in Frauenzimmern, Germany.

PST® seminars are now also offered at our importer KHR Company Ltd in the United Kingdom.

The Lägler® sanding manual is updated and published in several languages.

Palo Duro Hardwoods Inc. in Denver/Colorado, general importer for the whole USA since 1994, is taken over and becomes part of the Lägler® Group.

PST® seminars are now also held in the USA at our company Palo Duro Hardwoods Inc.

Purchase of Muscanell Millworks Inc., Producer of solid wood floors in Cortez/Colorado/USA.

Start of the online format LÄGLER TV live.