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What makes our machines so special?

We want to protect the resources of our planet! Instead of continually decreasing product cycles with only minor changes, we have focused on durable and sustainable products right from the beginning.

With regular maintenance and good care, our machines continue to perform reliably also after  decades. Spare parts and accessories are backward compatible and still available long after the warranty period.



Thanks to the high performance of the LÄGLER® floor sanding machines, our customers reach their target faster and better. The versatility of our machines enables a wide range of applications. Due to the large selection of accessories and abrasives, our customers can adapt optimally to the respective conditions on the construction site.


The latest ergonomic developments regarding body posture, effort and ease of operation are incorporated into the development and design of the machines. This ensures long, fatigue-free, efficient work and prevents injuries.


We achieve optimum power transmission and engine performance through CNC-manufactured, fully coordinated components and a sophisticated design. We balance and fine-balance for example all parts that could cause vibrations. This ensures perfect concentricity of the machines and also extends their service life.


Robust, high-quality materials, a stable construction and low-wear components guarantee decades of use on all machines at high quality of work.

Dust Exposure

Almost all of our machines have an optimised integrated dust extraction system. This allows almost dust-free sanding - people and the environment are protected. We were the first in the world to implement the reduction of dust pollution in the development of floor sanding machines.

Sanding Quality
For more than half a century, LÄGLER® has decisively shaped and revolutionised floor sanding technology with developments and machine concepts. This experience is the basis for the technological lead which guarantees an incomparable sanding quality.

Industrial Safety

Lowest possible vibrations ensure low-fatigue and gentle machine operation as well as best sanding quality. In this way, we comply safety standards that often exceed the respective national requirements.


Easy Regular Maintenance

All LÄGLER® machines are designed in such a way that they can be cleaned and maintained by the user without great effort. Most wear parts can also be replaced by the craftsman himself without any problems.