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Maintenance of your LÄGLER machines

Professional machine maintenance directly in the factory - three possibilities!


A. The LÄGLER® all-round service


1. You make an appointment with us for a machine maintenance
2. The machines are packed safely and properly.
→ Instruction Packaging HUMMEL®
3. We have your machines picked up on the agreed date.
4. Our mechanics check your machines.
5. We send you cost estimate by e-mail, which you approve.
6. We carry out the approved maintenance work.
7. We return the repaired machine to you.



B. Maintenance while you attend the seminar


Bring your LÄGLER® machines to the seminar right away! Directly after the dialogue reception by our mechanics and the inspection of the machines, a cost estimate is prepared. After clarification with repair department, you release the repair. At the end of the seminar, you will then take your maintained and perfectly adjusted machines back with you.



C. You bring in your machine to the maintenance yourself


Contact our customer service or our repair department directly:



Luigi Piu
Phone number: +49 (0) 7135 / 9890 - 40


Thomas Pfeil
Phone number: +49 (0) 7135 / 9890 - 41

Professional machine maintenance close to you

You can also have your machine maintained by one of our qualified service partners.

Why choose a regular professional maintenance?

You avoid high repair costs!

If maintenance intervals are too long, initially small technical problems can quickly turn into expensive repairs!


You ensure the work quality of your machine!

Regular maintenance ensures that your machine always works perfectly and that you can always achieve the best results.


You avoid customer complaints!

Technical problems on construction sites lead to unnecessary subsequent work, delays or even customer complaints. Only satisfied customers will recommend you!


You increase the resale value of your machine!

If you want to resell your machine, its condition is essential. Although the resale value of LÄGLER® machines is generally very high, you can achieve a significantly higher selling price, especially with a regularly serviced machine.

Care of your machine - what you can do yourself

In the operating instructions supplied with the machine, you will find detailed and helpful information on the care of your machine. You can also carry out smaller repairs yourself.

In our LÄGLER TV you will also find further useful information.

However, once a year you should generally have your machine  properly and professionally maintained.